The Proposal (re-blog)

My partner and I had both booked a day’s holiday to celebrate our 3rd anniversary and in the morning my partner woke up first (which never happens) and said for me to stay in bed until he came back.

When he came back he handed me a little blue card, handwritten on the front of the card was ‘Clue 1’, it was so funny because for his birthday (four months earlier) I had hidden his presents around the house and I had done a clue style treasure hunt for him to find them. It turns out that he had thought of this first and had already planned this for the proposal (no wonder he looked so surprised on his birthday). Continue reading

Fun Wedding Photography

As well as the traditional wedding photos of your friends and family, why not go for some fun, informal and personal shots…

The Bride and Her Ladies

Popping the Bubbly, Jumping for Joy, The Bridal Coffee Party and Getting Ready

The Groom and His Guys

Under Her Feet, Goofy Shots, Shockwave and SuperGroom

Including the Children

Shield her Eyes, Flower Girl, Hiding and Secret Hiding Place

Trading Places

The Bride and Groom Party Switch, A Drinking Game, The Ring Shot and Paintballing Hen Party

Featured image sourced from Story Mix Media.

Capturing Wedding Moments

It is so important to capture the memories of your wedding day, so here are some wedding photography ideas that are more unique and special than the normal family and friends poses.

Love Through the Generations

Three Generations 1, Three Generations 2, Three Generations 3 and Three Generations 4 showing the love and support from bride, mother of the bride and grandmother of the bride. Continue reading

What you Should Know About… Your Wedding Timeline

Wedding timelines can be very confusing this post will look at how you can create a wedding timeline that flows, doesn’t feel rushed but also doesn’t have awkward gaps guests don’t know what to do.


The timeline isn’t set in stone, and things will often overrun so be flexible, for example it’s perfectly fine having your deserts a little later than you planned because the father of the bride gave a beautiful (if slightly longer than expected) speech. The start and end times are the important parts, everything in the middle can be slightly fluid. If you have a wedding planner they will be able to produce or at least advise on how to produce your wedding timeline.

Here’s an example wedding timeline; Continue reading

So What Is Left?

10 months and a few days to go until the big day from my previous post (13 Months Engaged) you’ll know what we’ve got a lot done already, so what’s left;

  • Appointment with the registrar; I don’t know why but i’m slightly nervous about this. 🙂
  • The Cake; we’re going to have a Italian sponge cutting cake from Amalfi Pasticceria, their cakes are absolutely gorgeous and such a lovely opposite to the traditional dense fruit cake. The cutting cake I am going to make and decorate myself… I know I think I may be slightly crazy for taking this on.
  • Invites; this is another of my DIY projects Michael chose the wedding stationary theme, fonts and colours and together we came up with some ideas to incorporate our mutial geekiness into the invites, so on the back of each item there is a special design hinting to one of our geeky fandoms from Harry Potter to LOTR and CD Projekt Red’s amazing Witcher games to Doctor Who. See the Gallifreyan message thats on the back of our STDs in my previous post 13 Months To Go.

save-the-date-back-copy Continue reading

Wedding Cocktails

Fancy a personalised twist at your wedding bar? Then how about having the bride and groom’s favourite cocktails, or even signature cocktails for your wedding day.

cocktail 4.jpg

Wedding Bar Sign from Paper Tangent 


Rose Water Caipirinha

Berry Happy Together Sangria Recipe

1 bottle Sauvignon Blanc or dry white wine
3/4 cup St. Germain
2 fresh peaches
5-6 fresh strawberries
6 fresh raspberries
1 small bunch of fresh white grapes

Continue reading