What you Should Know About… Unplugged Ceremonies

Some couples love seeing the day through the eye’s of their guests but others don’t want their professional photographers shots to be compromised. Unfortunately they are so many photos online showing beautiful shots being ruined by a well-minded guest, or even worse sorts of the groom trying to peer round the guests who are taking photos of this bride as she walks down the aisle.

This post will look at Unplugged Ceremonies, and how you and your guests can have a beautiful, fun and enjoyable ceremony without phones, cameras and devices. And when you do get your photos back from the photographer they will be full of happy, smiling guests, rather than outstretched arms and phones (although may be a few rebels).

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What you Should Know About… Wedding Budgets

A good wedding budget is there to merely to guide you, and to try to prevent stress, anxiety and overspending, having a clear budget will keep you in control of your wedding. This post will describe the average costs of a UK wedding, outline how you can create your own wedding budget and give you some great wedding budget tips.

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What you Should Know About… Wedding Checklists

A wedding checklist is like a countdown timeline, it will show you what has been down and will give you a clear idea of when certain tasks and decisions need to be made by. You can customize your own checklist dependent on your engagement and planning time, for some couples this may be a few weeks and for others (me included) it can be 2 years.

Wedding Checklists

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What you Should Know About…

Over the next couple of months I want to share with you some advise, tips and ideas on a range of wedding topics. These posts will be aimed to help you through many of the tricky areas of wedding planning, vendor selection and general wedding topics. Each post will include advice on the subject, tips, things to avoid, things you may not of considered and a few helpful examples.

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Enjoy It

Enjoy It

Your wedding day is a fantastic celebration of you both as a couple, unfortunately with so many things happening many couples find that the day has swept past and they weren’t able to enjoy the special moments as much as they would of liked. So here are some simple ideas and tips to help you both truly enjoy your special day together. In particular have a look at why you should have Omega 3 and Vitamin C in your wedding day breakfast, how you can have a ‘deep breath’ moment in your ceremony and why you should have your food to go. Continue reading

Secrets of a Stress Free Wedding

I’m so excited to announce that Lauren from APIECEOFLL will be writing a series of guest posts on her own recent wedding experience. Lauren got married to her partner Bryce in Victoria, Australia on 19th March 2016 and her post All of Me…Loves All of You (19.03.16) described how herself and Bryce stayed stress free and how they made sure that their wedding stayed true to them both as a couple. So in her debut guest post for Tartan Rose Weddings Lauren gives us an honest insight into her wedding preparations, alongside great tips and some brilliant stories. Continue reading