Interactive Wedding Budget Tool

Deciding on your wedding budget can be difficult and I have previously posted tips and advice on this; Start Planning Early then Sit Back and Relax, What you Should Know About… Wedding Planning, and What you Should Know About… Wedding Budgets. This post is looking at a fantastic wedding budget tool that is available for free on the Wedding Paper Divas website.

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Get your Free Interactive Wedding Budget Tool Here

This interactive wedding budget tool lets you map out the budgets for your big day even allows you to extract your personalised budget to an excel spreadsheet. The tool can suggest how much to budget against each category based upon how much you want to spend on your wedding. The budgets do appear in $s but you can easily ignore or change these in the excel version. Continue reading


What you Should Know About… Choosing your Wedding Suppliers

Choosing your suppliers can be difficult, this post will give you a six step guide on who to shortlist and pick the perfect suppliers for your wedding day.


Don’t Rush

It is important to book your suppliers early, but don’t rush it and don’t feel pressured it booking suppliers you don’t both feel fully happy with. Importantly don’t panic book the first suppliers you meet as you will end up questioning your decisions further down the line.

Do Your Research

There are many sources of information for your research, here are some great places to start when researching wedding suppliers; internet searches, wedding directories, friend and family recommendations, wedding magazines, wedding fairs and blogs.

Researching your suppliers will take time but it will save you a lot of time, effort and possibly even money in the long run. When you are doing your research remember to keep in mind the following things:

  • Your budget; it is very easy to get carried away and be tempted by suppliers you simply cannot afford. Remember if you go for that expensive florist or stationary you may need to cut back on your caterer or photographer
  • Your wedding style; whether you are going for a casual rustic wedding or a formal traditional affair, look for suppliers that will compliment the style you want
  • Location; some suppliers may not be willing to travel the miles to your wedding location, so keep that in mind when looking for your ideal.

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Beautiful Blue and White Bridal Bouquet Continue reading

What you Should Know About… Creating Your Guest List

This is different for every couple it will depend on the style of wedding, budget and possibly venue (if you have your mind set on one place). This post will give you advise and tips on how to find your ideal guest count, prioritising guests and how to deal with the great plus one and children debates.

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Finding your Number

Discuss with your partner what your ideal guest count is, are you looking at an intimate wedding, medium sized or a huge guest list where you invite extended family and friends. The number of guests may also be limited by your budget, ceremony size or reception size. Continue reading

What you Should Know About… Your MoH and Bridesmaids

Firstly you don’t need to have a maid / matron of honour (MoH) and bridesmaids, you can only have a only a MoH or only a bridesmaid/s or even none at all. The decision is yours to make, so do what feels best for you. This post will give advice on choosing your MoH, choosing your bridesmaids, proposing to your bridal party and some ideas on bridesmaid dresses. Continue reading

What you Should Know About… Wedding Budgets

A good wedding budget is there to merely to guide you, and to try to prevent stress, anxiety and overspending, having a clear budget will keep you in control of your wedding. This post will describe the average costs of a UK wedding, outline how you can create your own wedding budget and give you some great wedding budget tips.

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What you Should Know About… Wedding Checklists

A wedding checklist is like a countdown timeline, it will show you what has been down and will give you a clear idea of when certain tasks and decisions need to be made by. You can customize your own checklist dependent on your engagement and planning time, for some couples this may be a few weeks and for others (me included) it can be 2 years.

Wedding Checklists

There are some general rules and tasks you can have in your own wedding checklist. Continue reading

Introducing Betty

I am excited to announce that Andy Poole from White Taxi Weddings has written a guest post for Tartan Rose Weddings. Andy has had a variety of careers from baker to MD of a Specialist Insurance Company, and has enjoyed travelling across the world. He was inspired by his own wedding experiences and wants to help make couples’ wedding days the most special, unique and happy that they can be. In this post Andy talks about his inspiration in setting up his own wedding business and the renovation of his gorgeous London Taxi ‘Betty‘.  Continue reading