The Proposal (re-blog)

My partner and I had both booked a day’s holiday to celebrate our 3rd anniversary and in the morning my partner woke up first (which never happens) and said for me to stay in bed until he came back.

When he came back he handed me a little blue card, handwritten on the front of the card was ‘Clue 1’, it was so funny because for his birthday (four months earlier) I had hidden his presents around the house and I had done a clue style treasure hunt for him to find them. It turns out that he had thought of this first and had already planned this for the proposal (no wonder he looked so surprised on his birthday). Continue reading

Make a checklist


Checklists are great visual planning tools to help you plan your big day. You can break up your checklist with a time frame (12 months to go, 9 months to go etc.) and list the various jobs, roles and responsibilities. Continue reading

Start planning early then sit back and relax


It’s important not to take up every waking second until your wedding day planning it, so we have one day a week were we do wedding stuff, whether that’s requesting quotes, looking for suppliers or going through endless magazines. We have ‘Wedding Wednesday’, but obviously as the big day approaches you will have to spend a little longer. Just don’t let it take over your life, pace yourself and enjoy it. Continue reading

Make a wedding folder


I love all things to do with planning and organisation but I know many brides will feel completely daunted about planning a wedding and all the admin tasks that are involved. I know a lot of people may question the need for a wedding folder, so here are a few reasons why you should make a wedding folder: Continue reading

Top Wedding Tips

Over the next few weeks I want to share with you some of the top tips I have found out and ones that our friends and family have shared with us. Here are the topics / tips I will be covering over the next few weeks: Continue reading

WEDDING PLANNING 101: Insure your wedding

Really useful post from The Bottom Drawer Blog on wedding insurance. we got ours through Debenhams, great coverage, very clear policy and you get a £10 Debenhams voucher! Pretty good for only £57.
L-A x