Autumnal Weddings

Autumn (Fall) is such a beautiful season for weddings, thanks to the gorgeous colours and the crisp whether. You can have great fun in creating your own personal fall wedding. Whether it is a full autumnal themed wedding, thanksgiving wedding celebration or whether you just add a few little details.

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So What Is Left?

10 months and a few days to go until the big day from my previous post (13 Months Engaged) you’ll know what we’ve got a lot done already, so what’s left;

  • Appointment with the registrar; I don’t know why but i’m slightly nervous about this. 🙂
  • The Cake; we’re going to have a Italian sponge cutting cake from Amalfi Pasticceria, their cakes are absolutely gorgeous and such a lovely opposite to the traditional dense fruit cake. The cutting cake I am going to make and decorate myself… I know I think I may be slightly crazy for taking this on.
  • Invites; this is another of my DIY projects Michael chose the wedding stationary theme, fonts and colours and together we came up with some ideas to incorporate our mutial geekiness into the invites, so on the back of each item there is a special design hinting to one of our geeky fandoms from Harry Potter to LOTR and CD Projekt Red’s amazing Witcher games to Doctor Who. See the Gallifreyan message thats on the back of our STDs in my previous post 13 Months To Go.

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8 Wedding Blogs You Should Follow

Thank you so much to Bridesmaids Confession for featuring us on their 8 Wedding Blogs You Should Follow post.

I love the Bridesmaids Confession as it gives fantastic advice, bridal shower tips and real stories, so I’m very proud 🙂

Bridesmaids Confession

It’s safe to assume that if you found this post you’re already following Bridesmaids Confession. Yay! You’re truly a smart and lovely person.

8 Wedding Blogs You Should Follow

And it means, like us, you can’t get enough of wedding related things. Since we completely understand your obsession, we’ve compiled a list of 8 wedding blogs we love and think you’ll love too. These blogs will help you get your fix of all things wedding, all the time.

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Wedding Cocktails

Fancy a personalised twist at your wedding bar? Then how about having the bride and groom’s favourite cocktails, or even signature cocktails for your wedding day.

cocktail 4.jpg

Wedding Bar Sign from Paper Tangent 


Rose Water Caipirinha

Berry Happy Together Sangria Recipe

1 bottle Sauvignon Blanc or dry white wine
3/4 cup St. Germain
2 fresh peaches
5-6 fresh strawberries
6 fresh raspberries
1 small bunch of fresh white grapes

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What you Should Know About…Wedding Party Gifts

A perfect wedding party gift should be both a token of your gratitude for their help, support and efforts and as a wedding memento. Firstly you don’t have to buy gifts for all of your wedding party, you can buy gift only to your MoH and Best Man, but this depends on how much others have been involved, their efforts and your budget. This post will give you some basic tips and some ideas for your wedding party gifts.


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What you Should Know About… Wedding Stationary Etiquette Part 2

Part 1 of this post looked at Save the Dates, When to Send the Invitations, What Should be Included in a Wedding Invitation and What Should be on the Wedding Invitation. This post will be looking further into wedding stationary etiquette.

stat 2.jpg

Invitation Wording

  • This will vary from couple to couple and will also depend on who is paying for the wedding, here are some examples of wedding invitation wording;
    • Mr and Mrs John Smith request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter Lucy to Mr. Tom Parker at the church of St Peter and St Paul, Kettering on Friday, 1st September 2017 at 2 o’ clock and afterwards at the Elme Hotel.
    • With their families Mr Tom Parker and Miss Lucy Smith request the pleasure of your company at their marriage.
    • Mr Tom Parker and Miss Lucy Smith request the pleasure of your company at their marriage.
  • As a general rule have a host line, then the couple’s names, the invitation line, the information (when, where), a ‘party line’, and you can finish with a line on the dress code or if your having a child free wedding you can include a line on this.

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