What you Should Know About… Your Wedding Timeline

Wedding timelines can be very confusing this post will look at how you can create a wedding timeline that flows, doesn’t feel rushed but also doesn’t have awkward gaps guests don’t know what to do.


The timeline isn’t set in stone, and things will often overrun so be flexible, for example it’s perfectly fine having your deserts a little later than you planned because the father of the bride gave a beautiful (if slightly longer than expected) speech. The start and end times are the important parts, everything in the middle can be slightly fluid. If you have a wedding planner they will be able to produce or at least advise on how to produce your wedding timeline.

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What you Should Know About…Wedding Party Gifts

A perfect wedding party gift should be both a token of your gratitude for their help, support and efforts and as a wedding memento. Firstly you don’t have to buy gifts for all of your wedding party, you can buy gift only to your MoH and Best Man, but this depends on how much others have been involved, their efforts and your budget. This post will give you some basic tips and some ideas for your wedding party gifts.


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What you Should Know About… Wedding Stationary Etiquette Part 2

Part 1 of this post looked at Save the Dates, When to Send the Invitations, What Should be Included in a Wedding Invitation and What Should be on the Wedding Invitation. This post will be looking further into wedding stationary etiquette.

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Invitation Wording

  • This will vary from couple to couple and will also depend on who is paying for the wedding, here are some examples of wedding invitation wording;
    • Mr and Mrs John Smith request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter Lucy to Mr. Tom Parker at the church of St Peter and St Paul, Kettering on Friday, 1st September 2017 at 2 o’ clock and afterwards at the Elme Hotel.
    • With their families Mr Tom Parker and Miss Lucy Smith request the pleasure of your company at their marriage.
    • Mr Tom Parker and Miss Lucy Smith request the pleasure of your company at their marriage.
  • As a general rule have a host line, then the couple’s names, the invitation line, the information (when, where), a ‘party line’, and you can finish with a line on the dress code or if your having a child free wedding you can include a line on this.

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What you Should Know About… Wedding Stationary Etiquette Part 1

Wedding stationary etiquette can be a difficult subject, most couples are now moving away from the formal, traditional and strict wording of wedding invitations, particularly as many couples are funding their weddings themselves.

Here are some helpful tips and advice on what to do (and what not to do) with your wedding stationary.

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Save the Dates

  • Save the Dates are a fairly new addition to wedding stationary, they have a lack of formal etiquette and they are completely optional. STDs give your guests advance warning and are particularly helpful if your wedding is in in the ‘wedding season’ or on a special day.
  • Send STDs only to those you want there for the whole day i.e. the ceremony, breakfast and reception. This does mean you need to pin down your guest list way in advance.
  • STDs can come in many forms from magnets to pin badges and from rustic styled note-cards to etched perspex squares.
  • STDs can be posted anywhere between 6 months and 12 months in advance of the wedding day. If the STDs are sent out longer than 12 months in advance they can be confusion over the year in which the wedding is on.

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What you Should Know About… Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are a small token of appreciation to your guests for sharing your wedding day with you. There is a very long tradition of giving a small gift to guests on your wedding day, traditionally the wedding favour is a small box or bag containing five sugared almonds. The five sugared almonds represent Health, Wealth, Happiness, Long Life and Fertility.


Nowadays you are not limited to the traditionally almond sweets, you can chose almost anything to have as wedding favours from homemade foods to plants and from personalised gifts to charitable donations. One thing to avoid is heavily personalised items such as favours with your engagement photos on them, although your parents and grand-parents may love them most other guests will leave them unused and at the bottom of a drawer. This post will look at some of my favourite wedding favours ideas, so chose a favour that your guests will love, use and enjoy.

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What you Should Know About… Wedding Dress Shopping

Picking your wedding dress can be an amazing experience (or an awful one), this post will give you tips on finding your style, trying the dresses and finding ‘the one’.


My experiences of wedding dress shopping certainly weren’t the champagne toasting, ooohs and aaahs that you see in the films. Far from it my three experiences left me with rock bottom confidence and feeling very down heartened, have a look at my guest post The Same Over There on possibly my favourite blog the Embraceable Project. So from my own experience I want to help you find the dress you want and enjoy the whole experience. 🙂


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