Fun Wedding Photography

As well as the traditional wedding photos of your friends and family, why not go for some fun, informal and personal shots…

The Bride and Her Ladies

Popping the Bubbly, Jumping for Joy, The Bridal Coffee Party and Getting Ready

The Groom and His Guys

Under Her Feet, Goofy Shots, Shockwave and SuperGroom

Including the Children

Shield her Eyes, Flower Girl, Hiding and Secret Hiding Place

Trading Places

The Bride and Groom Party Switch, A Drinking Game, The Ring Shot and Paintballing Hen Party

Featured image sourced from Story Mix Media.

Capturing Wedding Moments

It is so important to capture the memories of your wedding day, so here are some wedding photography ideas that are more unique and special than the normal family and friends poses.

Love Through the Generations

Three Generations 1, Three Generations 2, Three Generations 3 and Three Generations 4 showing the love and support from bride, mother of the bride and grandmother of the bride. Continue reading

Keep it personal (Part 1)

Personal 1

When you get swept up in the planning and organization of your wedding you may forget the one thing that matters and the reason all your guests will attend, it’s you two. Don’t feel confined to have a strict, conventional or standard wedding. You are the reason all these people want to be there to celebrate your love and it is you that they love, so if there is something you love as a couple or even separately encompass it into your big day and make your big day truly yours. Our wedding is going to have many details from our fandoms, favourite films, shows and games. Continue reading

Winter Weddings

Winter is a magical time to get married and there are so many beautiful aspects of the season that you can weave into your wedding day.


Continue reading

Top Wedding Tips

Over the next few weeks I want to share with you some of the top tips I have found out and ones that our friends and family have shared with us. Here are the topics / tips I will be covering over the next few weeks: Continue reading