8 Wedding Blogs You Should Follow

Thank you so much to Bridesmaids Confession for featuring us on their 8 Wedding Blogs You Should Follow post.

I love the Bridesmaids Confession as it gives fantastic advice, bridal shower tips and real stories, so I’m very proud 🙂

Bridesmaids Confession

It’s safe to assume that if you found this post you’re already following Bridesmaids Confession. Yay! You’re truly a smart and lovely person.

8 Wedding Blogs You Should Follow bridesmaidsconfession.com

And it means, like us, you can’t get enough of wedding related things. Since we completely understand your obsession, we’ve compiled a list of 8 wedding blogs we love and think you’ll love too. These blogs will help you get your fix of all things wedding, all the time.

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What you Should Know About… The Seating Plan

Drafting and finalising your seating plan can be extremely difficult, this post aims to give you some top tips on how to plan your seating, group your guests and chart your tables.


First things first if you are having a small informal event or buffet don’t feel pressured into having a seating plan, it depends on your own day and the atmosphere you want to share.

Start Early – you will be surprised how much time it can take to plan your seating so don’t leave it until a week or two before the big day.

Use Table Names Not Numbers – table numbers can leave guests feeling there’s a hierarchy so use table names not numbers. You could link this to your wedding theme or location for example films, cities or even your favourite drinks.

seat 2

City Table Plan Chart

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5 Chic & Unique Summer Wedding Cocktails

Great wedding cocktail ideas here from Wedbites


Are you considering having a signature cocktail on your wedding day?  Whether you are thinking of creating one on your own or just looking for something delicious, here are some great recipes that will be sure to please your guests and beat the heat!

Sullivan Street Sour
This is a twist on the Disarrono Sour that uses cherry juice to pull out the sweet notes in the Disarrono.
– 5oz Disaronno Liqueur
– 2oz Fresh-pressed lemon juice
– 1oz Simple syrup
– .5oz Cherry juice

Frida Tequila
This drink is the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. The mild spice of the jalapeno compliments the sweetness of the agave and the fruitiness of the watermelon.
– 5oz Jalapeno- Infused Tequila
– 2oz of watermelon puree
– .5oz Fresh Lime Juice
– .75oz Simple syrup
– Lime garnish

Blackberry Mint Julep
This is a nice twist on a classic…

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Wedding Trends | Brunch Reception

Great post from The Old Cigar Warehouse, Wedding Trends – The Brunch Reception

The Old Cigar Warehouse Blog

Whether you’re an early bird who wants to have a morning wedding or someone who is a firm believer that breakfast food is the best kind of food, the 2016 Brunch Reception wedding trend is for you!


The possibilities on what to serve as the main dishes for your brunch reception are endless! Utilizing a buffet (or build your own biscuit station or cereal bar) can give your guests the opportunity to try everything that your reception has to offer. But you can also have a plated receptions well! Allow your guests choose which omelette, crepe, waffle, or pancakes ingredients and toppings they would prefer and have waiters serve them at their table for an elegant feel.



It’s no secret that deserts are an integral part of wedding receptions. Thankfully, there are many different cake options for your brunch reception that work beautifully! Have a cake of stacks of…

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DIY Wedding Stationary

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Great post from Gemma Allen Studio on how Gemma designed her own beautiful and unique wedding stationary. The post includes some fantastic tips if you are considering making your own wedding stationary.

I’m not sure how it’s happened, but I’ve been married for nearly two months now! The time seems to have flown by recently, and I can’t believe that sunny day was so long ago as it seems like it was just last weekend. I didn’t want to put too many wedding details online until after […]

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Alternative Wedding Cakes – Macarons

Other than the gorgeous visual displays that can be produced with macarons the best thing about these delicate little meringue based confections is how much you can customise them for your own wedding through colours, flavours and the display itself.

Another positive  is that all macarons made using the traditional french macaron base recipe are gluten free (but double check with your patisserie), so great if you or your guests have this specific dietary requirement.

This post looks at some of the options for having a macaron wedding cake and also how to create your own wedding showpiece at home.


Macaron Tower

The main draw to the macaron tower for couples is their ability to be fully customised to your own wedding day, through the colours, flavours and display styles, many patisseries allow you to create and customise your own display creating a truly bespoke and unique tower.

A macaron tower is a fantastic wedding showpiece and a 10 tier macaron tower that hold 100 macarons on average cost between £200 and £400. You can even have a wedding cake within your macaron display to get the best of both worlds.

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