Fun Wedding Photography

As well as the traditional wedding photos of your friends and family, why not go for some fun, informal and personal shots…

The Bride and Her Ladies

Popping the Bubbly, Jumping for Joy, The Bridal Coffee Party and Getting Ready

The Groom and His Guys

Under Her Feet, Goofy Shots, Shockwave and SuperGroom

Including the Children

Shield her Eyes, Flower Girl, Hiding and Secret Hiding Place

Trading Places

The Bride and Groom Party Switch, A Drinking Game, The Ring Shot and Paintballing Hen Party

Featured image sourced from Story Mix Media.

Capturing Wedding Moments

It is so important to capture the memories of your wedding day, so here are some wedding photography ideas that are more unique and special than the normal family and friends poses.

Love Through the Generations

Three Generations 1, Three Generations 2, Three Generations 3 and Three Generations 4 showing the love and support from bride, mother of the bride and grandmother of the bride. Continue reading

Wedding Cocktails

Fancy a personalised twist at your wedding bar? Then how about having the bride and groom’s favourite cocktails, or even signature cocktails for your wedding day.

cocktail 4.jpg

Wedding Bar Sign from Paper Tangent 


Rose Water Caipirinha

Berry Happy Together Sangria Recipe

1 bottle Sauvignon Blanc or dry white wine
3/4 cup St. Germain
2 fresh peaches
5-6 fresh strawberries
6 fresh raspberries
1 small bunch of fresh white grapes

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Alternative Wedding Cakes – Doughnuts

Following on with our alternative wedding cakes this post will look at doughnuts, doughnut towers have become increasingly popular and even Krispy Kreme now have wedding doughnut towers and wedding favours available.

There are so many flavour and glaze options you can tailor a doughnut tower to suit the style, theme and colours of your wedding day.

The Cake and Doughnut Showpiece

For the best of both worlds you can have a doughnut tower topped with a wedding cake, so you can still get the ‘cutting the cake’ photos.

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Disney Weddings

Disney films have always been considered as magical for the way in which they captivate, enchant and entice their audience, and their love stories have captured the hearts of millions. Many couples each year decide to include inspiration from the film makers on their wedding day, whether it is a quote in your vows, an Up centrepiece, a Cinderella cake or an all out themed wedding so here are some ideas to add some magic to your special day. Here are a few ideas and some beautiful quotes to give you some inspiration on how to include a touch of Disney in your wedding.

“Every once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.” Continue reading

Wedding Cupcakes

Many couples are choosing cupcakes over the traditional wedding cakes, why? Because you can have a wide selection of flavours, easy portion control, and guests with dietary requirements such as gluten intolerance can be easily catered for. A fantastic hybrid is to have a showcase stand of your cupcakes topped with a single or double tier wedding cake, so you can still get that ‘cutting the cake’ photo. You can tailor the cupcakes sponge flavour, icing flavour, colour and decoration to suit your wedding style and floral arrangements, or just go for a complete mixed bag of flavours, colours and decorations for a gorgeous visual showpiece. Here are some ideas on how you could have a truly beautiful alternative wedding cupcake stand.

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