Introducing Betty

I am excited to announce that Andy Poole from White Taxi Weddings has written a guest post for Tartan Rose Weddings. Andy has had a variety of careers from baker to MD of a Specialist Insurance Company, and has enjoyed travelling across the world. He was inspired by his own wedding experiences and wants to help make couples’ wedding days the most special, unique and happy that they can be. In this post Andy talks about his inspiration in setting up his own wedding business and the renovation of his gorgeous London Taxi ‘Betty‘.  Continue reading

Tips for a Love Packed Wedding

It is my pleasure to introduce our second guest blog from Lauren of APIECEOFLL. Lauren’s previous post Secrets of a Stress Free Wedding reflected on how herself and her husband Bryce stayed stress free and how their wedding stayed true to them both as a couple. In today’s post Lauren provides fantastic tips and advise on how you to can succeed in having a joy filled and relaxed wedding day. Continue reading

Comic Book Wedding

Planning your wedding can be difficult you can easily swept up into having a wedding that neglects the loves and passions that your guests know you both for.

Do you and your partner have a love of classic comics, Marvel or DC? If so why not add your love of this fantastic art and literature to your big day, whether its a comic book Save the Date badge, a Joker and Harley Mr and Mrs sign or a ‘dynamic duo’ cake knife here are some great ideas to incorporate graphic novels into your wedding day. Continue reading

Secrets of a Stress Free Wedding

I’m so excited to announce that Lauren from APIECEOFLL will be writing a series of guest posts on her own recent wedding experience. Lauren got married to her partner Bryce in Victoria, Australia on 19th March 2016 and her post All of Me…Loves All of You (19.03.16) described how herself and Bryce stayed stress free and how they made sure that their wedding stayed true to them both as a couple. So in her debut guest post for Tartan Rose Weddings Lauren gives us an honest insight into her wedding preparations, alongside great tips and some brilliant stories. Continue reading