The Proposal (re-blog)

My partner and I had both booked a day’s holiday to celebrate our 3rd anniversary and in the morning my partner woke up first (which never happens) and said for me to stay in bed until he came back.

When he came back he handed me a little blue card, handwritten on the front of the card was ‘Clue 1’, it was so funny because for his birthday (four months earlier) I had hidden his presents around the house and I had done a clue style treasure hunt for him to find them. It turns out that he had thought of this first and had already planned this for the proposal (no wonder he looked so surprised on his birthday).

Each clue card had a poetic clue to a place (both inside the house and in our neighbourhood) which held the next clue, the clues were fantastic and I had so much fun trying to decipher them. We went to various objects and rooms in our house then outside.

The final clue of the treasure hunt directed me back to the living room of our house. When we got back my partner said to wait a couple minutes then come in, when I opened the door there were dozens and dozens of lit candles covering almost every available surface. My partner had the most beautiful and amazing words prepared (and we both got a bit teary).

It really was the most perfect and romantic proposal I could of possibly imagined. He is my best friend, my soul mate, we laugh everyday and I he makes me the happiest person on this planet. It really was the easiest question I have ever been asked.

My beautiful engagement ring

My beautiful engagement ring

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