Alternative Wedding Cakes – Macarons

Other than the gorgeous visual displays that can be produced with macarons the best thing about these delicate little meringue based confections is how much you can customise them for your own wedding through colours, flavours and the display itself.

Another positive  is that all macarons made using the traditional french macaron base recipe are gluten free (but double check with your patisserie), so great if you or your guests have this specific dietary requirement.

This post looks at some of the options for having a macaron wedding cake and also how to create your own wedding showpiece at home.


Macaron Tower

The main draw to the macaron tower for couples is their ability to be fully customised to your own wedding day, through the colours, flavours and display styles, many patisseries allow you to create and customise your own display creating a truly bespoke and unique tower.

A macaron tower is a fantastic wedding showpiece and a 10 tier macaron tower that hold 100 macarons on average cost between £200 and £400. You can even have a wedding cake within your macaron display to get the best of both worlds.

Macaron Colours and Flavours

Macaron flavours include; vanilla, almond, chocolate, champagne, rose, salted caramel, chestnut, blackcurrant, ginger, orange blossom, praline, chocolate and mint, coconut, , passionfruit, pistachio, lemon, lime, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, honey, coffee, violet, coconut rum, earl grey tea, gingerbread and mocha. There are even patisseries producing macarons in maple bacon, matcha green tea, pumpkin spice, liquorice, lavender and sea salt and black pepper. Basically if there is a flavour you love the possibility is you can make a macaron for it.

You can create your own macaron tower at home by baking them yourself, macarons can be very fiddly, difficult to produce and time consuming. However you can cheat and buy your macarons fresh online direct from a patisserie (average cost £1.40 per macaron), you can then display these in any way you want including on a macaron cake stand (costs vary but options available on Amazon from as little as £19).

For more ideas and inspiration on alternative wedding cakes have a look at the Tartan Rose Weddings Pinterest page.

Featured image from MTL Blog.


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